Warsash Theatre Club Archive
1975-1982 Club Beginnings Club beginnings

1975 Extracts from "Seperate Tables"

1976   The Followers & Harlequinade

1976   Billy Liar

1977   Dark Brown / Emerald Eye  
1978   The Willow Platter & Lady Audley's Secret  
1979   Ladies in Retirement  
1979   Strawberry Jam, Words of Advice & Five Green Bottles   
1980   A Breath of Spring & Blithe Spirit   
1981   Wanted One Body & The Heiress  
1982 Humpty Dumpty Bonaventure ...
1983 Aladdin The Chalk Garden ...
1984 Goldilocks & the 3 bears Habaeas Corpus ...
1985 Robinson Crusoe "When We are Married" September Charity Gala including "Warsash Continentals" "Sunday Costs 5 Pesos" & "Over and Over Again" ...
1986 Old Mother Hubbard "Hotel Paradiso", "The Shop at Sly Corner"  Charity Gala including  "Costa Del Packet & "Well Done Sergei"... ...
1987 Puss in Boots "Outside Edge", "The Day After the Fair" Charity Gala including "Cocktails" & poetry ...
1988 The Owl & the Pussycat "How the Other Half Loves", "Brush With a Body" ...
1989 "Seaside Postcard", "Tea Break", "Potty Panto" & "Singing in the Wilderness" "The Happy Prisoner" Charity Gala including "Hip Hip Horatio" "The Railway Carriage" & "Bus Stop" ...
1990 Alice in Blunderland "Sailor Beware" "Captain Blackboot's Island" & "The Day of the Mushrooms" ...
1991 A Christmas Carol "The White Sheep of the Family", "The See Saw Tree", "Pot Pourri of Poetry", "Symphony for Conductor & Passengers", "The Butter Cow" & "The Parcel" ...
1992 Blithe Spirit "Round and Round the Garden", " A Very rough Guide to History After 'Astings", "1215 or Thereabouts" & "2B or not 2B"   ...
1993 Aladdin "Holiday Snap" "Fluff" and another one act play...
1994 Seasons Greetings (by Alan Ayckbourne) Living Together, There's always Spring / Costa Del Packet Maurice (Dancing
1995 Cinderella Farndale Avenue Townswomen's Guild Murder Mystery 
1996 Sinbad the Sailor Dead Man's Hand, Bang You're Dead & The Editor Regrets  Witches
1997 Robin Hood Look no Hans, Gosforth Fete, Talk in the Park The Land Girls, Ernie's Incredible Illucinations
1998 Sleeping Beauty Last Tango in Little Grimley / They came from Mars (and landed outside the Farndale Avenue Church Hall, in time for the Townswomen's Guild Coffee Morning Bus Stop / Speeches & Cream / Husbands Supplied
1999 Robinson Crusoe Mother Figure Capt. Blackboots Island / None the Wiser
2000 Jack & the Beanstalk Out of Focus ...
2001 Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs (We found love and an exquisite set of porcelain figurines aboard the) SS Farndale Avenue ...
2002 Dick Whittington Kindly Keep it Covered Package Holiday
2003 Treasure Island Hello... Is there any Body There No Entry
2004 Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves Home Is Where your Clothes Are Bed & Breakfast
2005 Cinderella Fish out of Water Hanging by a Fred
2006 The Babes in the Wood Black Comedy The Press Gang
2007 Aladdin Holiday Snap  
2008 Wizard of Oz

Allo Allo

2009 Sinbad the Sailor Outside Edge  
2010 Jack and the Beanstalk A Tomb with a View  
2011 Treasure Island    
2012 Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs  The Gong The See-saw Tree
2013 Beauty and the Beast Bus Stop & Careful Rapture Holka Polka
2014 Sleeping Beauty Allo Allo A load of rubbish
2015 Dick Whittington Hi De Hi  
2016 Cinderella and the Crystal Slipper    
2017  Aladdin & Flying Carpet Video The Ghost Train  
2018 Jungle Book The Pantomime  Murdered to Death  
2019 Adventure in Pantoland The Vicar of Dibley
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